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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a famous Plantation?

In central Maryland, L’Hermitage plantation once occupied 748 acres near the Monocacy River. Established in 1793, the plantation is famous for archaeological discoveries made on the property, which include four cabins filled with myriad instruments of torture that were used on the 90 slaves who lived on the plantation.

What is plantation tradition?

Plantation tradition is a genre of literature based in the southern states of the United States that is heavily nostalgic for antebellum times. The decades before the American Civil War saw several works idealizing the plantation, such as John Pendleton Kennedy's 1832 The Swallow Barn.

What were plantations like?

Depending on their size, plantations comprised a multitude of buildings: the homes of the master's family, overseer, and slaves, as well as outbuildings, barns, and workshops. Large plantations operated like self-sustaining villages, and thus, were often isolated from the outside world.

What were Southern plantations?

Scarlett's Crib. (featuring southern plantations) When you think of the southern plantations you may think of the movie "Gone with the Wind". The definition of a plantation is an estate where crops are grown for cash. These crops can be cotton, sugar and even tobacco. Southern plantations make one drift back in time.

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