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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wikipedia’s speedrun?

Popular speedruns involve Minecraft, platforming games, and games with story modes. At some unknown point in Wikipedia’s lifetime, someone came up with the ingenious idea to turn Wikipedia’s pages into a speedrunning platform.

When did speedrunning become popular?

Speedruns are popular for a large variety of games. Most high-level speedruns have been performed by members of online communities. The speedrunning community originated on discussion forums in the late 1990s and early 2000s, where the fastest routes through early first-person shooters were discussed.

Why do people speedrun games?

Players speedrun mainly to challenge themselves, to entertain, to compete, and to attain mastery over a games system in a way that would not be possible in an ordinary playthrough. Speedrunners often record their attempts.

What is the Speedrunner website?

On the website, speedrunners can customize speedrunning leaderboards for video games and submit video proof of their runs. The website also features forums, guide pages, and resources for new runners. As of May 2019, the site has over 215,000 registered users and over 854,000 submitted runs in almost 16,000 games.

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