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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to donate used glasses locally?

These glasses are sent to a processing center, where they are cleaned, graded and identified as to their strength. Different missionary groups request these glasses for their mission trips to third-world countries, where they are fitted to individuals needing eyeglasses.

Can I buy glasses with an expired prescription?

The Contact Lens Rule says that contact prescriptions must be good for at least a year, unless your eye care professional has a medical reason for making it shorter. Don’t try to buy glasses or contact lenses with an expired prescription. Your eye health changes over time, so it’s important to have regular comprehensive eye health exams.

Does Walmart accept old eyeglasses?

Yes, Walmart takes old eyeglasses in most of its stores. The retail giant has partnered with the Lions Club to collect used glasses at participating Walmart Vision Centers for recycling. So if you have old specs lying around in your drawer, drop them off at your nearest Walmart Vision Center and help someone in need.

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