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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened synonym?

unfaked. on the mark. spot on. what actually happened. as it really happened. in accordance with reality. on target. on the money. telling it like it is.

What is another word for what happened?

What Happens synonyms - 212 Words and Phrases for What Happens. how are you doing. how's everything. what had happened. what happened. what has happened. what is going on. what is happening. what is it.

What is another word for happens?

present itself. stumble upon. turn out. turn up. what goes. See also synonyms for: happened / happening / happens. Meet Grammar Coach. Improve Your Writing. Meet Grammar Coach.

What word means to make something happen?

make headway. make progress. get somewhere. have an effect on. produce a result. progress. achieve. make a breakthrough. “The danger is that such prophecies can be self-fulfilling, in other words, to make something happen merely by predicting it.”.

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