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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Administrative Professionals Day the same day every year?

National Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April every year. Some people think that this holiday was created by Hallmark to sell cards and gifts. People complained that, because the gifts were highly feminized, the holiday was only for women.

When is admin Appreciation Day?

It was thought that by showing appreciation for the administrators, that more people would begin to go down this career path. The Wednesday of that week was known as National Secretaries Day. This same observance remains today, only it is now celebrated a bit earlier. Administrative Professionals Day falls on the last Wednesday of April each year.

When is executive assistant day?

The true answer: there is no “typical” day to day” as an Executive Assistant. That’s why this position can be mysterious. While we can (and will) go through typical roles and responsibilities, it’s impossible to tell you what a *typical * day is like because if we’re being honest, that’s not the kind of job Executive Assistants have.

When is admin assistants day?

by admin Administrative Professionals’ Day is celebrated in various countries on April 21st. This day is dedicated to all the administrative professionals like secretaries, assistants and other administrative staff. The idea is to honour their work.

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