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Frequently Asked Questions

Who continues to use the Julian calendar?

Yes, Russia uses Julian as does Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland (they just switched back to Julian in 2014), Ukrainian Orthodox Church-USA and Canada, Ukrainian Orthodox Church Autocephalous, Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kiev, and the Patriarch of Jerusalem all still use the Julian calendar.

How to find Julian date?

any date given on the Gregorian Calendar. The Julian Day Number so calculated Here's how to do it: 1) Express the date as Y M D, where Y is the year, M is the month number (Jan = 1, Feb = 2, etc.), and D is the day in the month. 2) If the month is January or February, subtract 1 from the year to get

When did the Julian calendar start counting years?

The Julian calendar, proposed by Julius Caesar in AUC 708 (46 BC ), was a reform of the Roman calendar. It took effect on 1 January AUC 709 (45 BC), by edict. It was designed with the aid of Greek mathematicians and astronomers such as Sosigenes of Alexandria .

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