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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any mountains in Laos?

Phou Bia is the tallest mountain in Laos; it is located at the southern limit of Xiangkhoang Plateau in Xiangkhouang Province. The region around the mountain is cold and cloudy due to the height of the mountain. Historians document that in early 20 th century the mountain summit was covered by snow but in recent times, no snow has been reported. The mountain is located in the remote part of the country covered by thick jungles that have been used by guerrilla soldiers as training camps.

What are some famous landforms in Laos?

Laos has many natural land forms, it has mountains, hills, green forests, caves, waterfalls, and rivers. One of the most famous mountains in Laos is the Phou Bia mt. and it's peak reaches up to 9242 ft. There's also the famous Viengxay caves that is in the middle of mountains made out of limestone.

What is the longest river in Laos?

We will take a look at the longest river in Laos, the Mekong River (the mainstream), and three other smaller rivers which also strongly affect Laotian daily life: Nam Ngum, Nam Song, and Nam Ou River. Floating on the Mekong River, to see the specular landscape in both riverbanks, why don’t you take a Mekong cruise trip?

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