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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Discord Tickets?

Discord Tickets is feature-rich and much more customisable than many of the bots mentioned above. As it is intended for self-hosting, the bot can have your community/company's logo, for free. Although intended for use in a single Discord server, the bot can also function in multiple servers at once if you run more than one community.

What is the Tickets bot on Discord?

Discord Tickets is a Discord bot for creating and managing ticket channels. It is a free and open-source alternative to the paid "premium" and "white-label" plans of popular ticketing bots, such as Ticket Tool, TicketsBot, Tickety,, Helper, and others.

How can I invite the Tickets bot on my Discord Server?

Step 1. Open your Discord app in browser Step 2. Visit Tickets Bot Official Website Step 3. Invite Tickets to your Server Step 4. Selecting your Server Step 5. Authorizing Tickets Bot to your Server Step 6. Completing the Captcha Challenge Step 7. Tickets Bot Successfully Invited

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