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What major news stories happened in 1926?

March 16: Goddard with rocket in 1926. The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon (England) is destroyed by fire. The first commercial air route from the United Kingdom to South Africa is established by Alan Cobham. March 14 – The El Virilla train accident occurs in Costa Rica killing 248 people and injuring 93.

What major event occurred in 1926 in the United States?

Events from the year 1926 in the United States . February 1 – Land on Broadway and Wall Street in New York City is sold at a record $7 per sq inch. March 16 – Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket, at Auburn, Massachusetts.

Who were some of the notable people in 1926?

This was the year that the famous American entertainer, Bing Crosby, made his first recording, singing “I’ve Got the Girl.” As one star rose, though, another faded. 1926 was the year that the great magician, Harry Houdini, died. 1926 was also a notable year for film and literature.

What technological advancements occurred in 1926?

One might say that the Space Age began in 1926. It was this year that Robert Goddard launched the first successful liquid-fueled rocket into flight. This scientific development would ultimately make it possible to launch objects, and eventually humans, into space.

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