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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "vestibular" sense?

The vestibular system detects motion of the head in space and in turn generates reflexes that are crucial for our daily activities, such as stabilizing the visual axis (gaze) and maintaining head and body posture. In addition, the vestibular system provides us with our subjective sense of movement and orientation in space.

Why vestibular rehabilitation may not work?

People with unaddressed mental health fluctuations do not get the optimal outcomes from vestibular rehab. This may be due to anxiety causing stress which interferes with the brain's re-calibration. Excessive worrying can definitely magnify symptoms. This can prolong the recovery process and possibly limiting the final level of recovery.

What is the main function of the vestibular system?

There is a system in your body, called the vestibular system, that is responsible for maintaining the balance of the body and performing associated functions. It is a sensory system present in the inner ear, that provides sensory information to the brain required for maintenance of balance and performing coordinated movements.

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