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Frequently Asked Questions

What bank has routing number 071000013?

The routing number # 071000013 is assigned to JPMORGAN CHASE. 021000021 021000128 021031207 021100361 021114205 021202337 021202719 021272723 021300462 021309379 021409169 021410637 022000842 022300173 028000024 031100144 031100267 031100393 044000037 044115443 More ...

Do all banks have only one routing number?

No. Each account has only one routing number even if the bank has dozens. The routing number helps to identify the location that the account was opened. What happens if you use an old routing number for direct deposit?

What is the routing number for Valley Bank?

Valley’s primary routing number is 021201383. If you are using a routing number on this list, we advise you to update your checks, electronic payments, and direct deposit information with the routing number above as soon as possible.

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