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Frequently Asked Questions

What is address autocomplete?

Address autocomplete is a crucial part of any data governance strategy. An Address Autocomplete API is an application programming interface (API) that provides programmers with options for type-ahead search functionality inside their applications.

What is an example of an autocomplete API url?

Here is an Autocomplete API URL example for the "Gabelsbergerstr 14, Regensburg" address string: Please note that the address should be URL-encoded as part of the URL. The API returns all the locations corresponding to the address, the original query including parsed address, formatted addresses, and components:

What are the limitations of the USPS API?

Each of the USPS address lookup APIs perform specific functions such as address validation, address normalization, ZIP+4 appending, and more. Each API also limits you to five lookups per request at a time. Is the USPS API free? Are there limitations?

What is the difference between address autocomplete and geocoding?

The Autocomplete API returns address suggestions for the provided address string, while the Geocoding API searches the corresponding location for the given address. The Address Autocomplete works with partial addresses and tries to guess the address, while the Geocoding API assumes that the full address was provided.

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