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Frequently Asked Questions

Will uranium ever run out?

In short: even in our extreme use scenario, we won't run out of uranium. And remember, our extreme scenario was pretty extreme: energy produced by solar and wind, and saved by energy conservation, were all discarded. While in reality, these will fill in a substantial part of our energy demands.

Will the uranium market ever recover?

While the uranium market will recover, it will not be recovering today, tomorrow, or anytime soon. The production cuts by both Cameco and KazAtomProm will provide upwards pressure on prices, but only after the existing supply gluts are cleared. While the current situation keeps Cameco priced at discount levels, (despite the stock surging ...

How does uranium become a nuclear bomb?

Uranium can fuel nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs because some of its isotopes, or atomic forms, are fissile: Their atoms can be easily split to release energy. Freshly mined uranium contains more than 99 percent of an isotope called uranium 238, which is not fissile, plus a tiny fraction of uranium 235, which is fissile.

What is the problem with uranium?

Uranium is also chemically toxic at high concentrations and can cause damage to internal organs, notably the kidneys. Animal studies suggest that uranium may affect reproduction, the developing fetus, [1] and increase the risk of leukemia and soft tissue cancers. [2]

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