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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy uranium ore?

Uranium ore can be purchased from Amazon or can also be found for sale on Ebay. High purity samples of natural uranium can be purchased from laboratory supply companies such as United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies. United Nuclear offers a High purity Uranium sample for collectors & display.

What is rare uranium?

Uranium from Rare Earth Deposits A large amount of uranium is in rare earth deposits, and may be extracted as a by-product. Higher uranium prices and geopolitical developments would enhance the economic potential for recovering these. Rare earths are essential for many modern technologies. Growth in electric car use will depend, in part, on the the availability of rare earths.

Is uranium mining expensive?

Uranium is abundant in the Earth, but extracting is an expensive and resource-intensive task. There are two ways to extract uranium: open-pit mining and In-Situ Recovery (ISR). Pit mining is exactly what it sounds like, dig a hole and mine the uranium out of the ground.

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