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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access draw Io diagrams?

If you have internet access that’s always available, you can easily access Diagrams directly from the web. This includes using Diagrams with your tablet or cell phone. Using the web app requires that you save files to a cloud-based service or download your drawing to your local hard drive.

Where can I find a tutorial on draw?

There’s a Tutorial section on the website. You can style or edit charts and save time by creating advanced flowcharts or diagrams with power functionality. The software is fully integrated with your confluence workflow and allows you to build charts in context.

How do I import a Visio diagram?

If you already have drawings you’ve created in applications such as Visio, you can drag your existing docs to a new Diagrams doc and that drawing will be imported. If that sounds exactly like what you need in a diagramming program, here’s how to download Diagrams.

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