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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the University of Valley Forge?

The University of Valley Forge offers over 40 undergraduate, nine graduate, and seven associate programs in the Arts, Sciences, and Professions. From the day you select your first class to graduation (and even after, thanks to our Career Services program), our entire faculty is dedicated to your success.

What college is near Valley Forge PA? The University of Valley Forge (UVF), formerly Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC), is an American four-year, residential university in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, 8.8 miles from Valley Forge National Historical Park. It is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

Why study music at UVA Valley Forge?

The Department of Music at the University of Valley Forge offers a broad spectrum of programs designed to help students fulfill the call of God upon their lives. A commitment to musical excellence is instilled and accomplished in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

Is Valley Forge State University accredited?

The University of Valley Forge is approved by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to grant the degrees of Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Religious Education, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Associate of Arts, and Associate of Science.

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