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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are NYU's notable professors?

Some of NYU's notable professors include: Notable faculty include: Notable faculty include: Davis is the co-inventor of the Davis–Putnam algorithm and the DPLL algorithms. He is also known for his model of Post–Turing machines .

Who is the current president of NYU?

James McNaughton Hester, former professor and Dean of both undergraduate and graduate schools of arts and science at NYU. He became 11th President of NYU. Elisha Netanyahu, mathematician, former Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at Technion.

What does a faculty member do?

Faculty members teach undergraduate as well as graduate students. Thus, students are exposed to instructors who are in the forefront of their fields and who are frequently working on projects and topics of current interest, often within the region.

Who gave lectures at NYU Tandon School of Engineering?

Nobel laureates Daniel Kahneman, Myron Scholes and Robert A. Mundell gave lectures at New York University Tandon School of Engineering as part of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Lynford Lecture Series. Ernst Weber (engineer), professor at Tandon School of Engineering.

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