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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue Tyson Foods?

Sue Arens Litigation Paralegal at Tyson Foods, Inc. Springdale, Arkansas Food Production. Tyson Foods, Inc. University of Arkansas. 60 connections. View Sue Arens’ full profile. It's free!

Is there a class action lawsuit?

The company will pay $80 million to members of the class-action suit and approximately $20 million toward plaintiffs’ legal fees. Get the full experience.Choose your plan The Los Angeles lawsuit was filed in November 2018 by now-former employees Melanie ...

What is a federal class action lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits provide legal relief to large numbers of individuals who were wronged by a corporation and only suffered relatively small monetary losses. Can a Case Be Made? Who's Involved? This is the person (or persons) filing the suit. His or her name will appear on the complaint, which is the legal document that starts a lawsuit.

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