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Frequently Asked Questions

What is facility type?

Type of Facility. Definition. 01. Hospital. A permanent facility which contains inpatient beds, organized staff including physician services, continuous nursing services and that provides comprehensive health care including diagnosis and treatment. 02. Health Center.

What is the meaning of facilities?

a. A building, room, array of equipment, or a number of such things, designed to serve a particular function: hospitals and other health care facilities. b. Something that facilitates an action or process: The region has very poor transportation facilities. 3. facilities Informal A restroom or public toilet.

What is another word for facility?

synonyms for facility Compare Synonyms address adroitness aptitude bent competence dexterity efficiency effortlessness expertness fluency knack leaning lightness poise proficiency propensity quickness readiness skill skillfulness smoothness spontaneity tact turn wit child's play smooth sailing See also synonyms for: facilities Meet Grammar Coach

What is legal definition of facility?

“Facility means any grouping of equipment where hydrocarbon liquids are processed, upgraded (i.e., remove impurities or other constituents to meet contact specifications), or stored prior to the point of custody transfer; or where natural gas is processed, upgraded, or stored prior to

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