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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when something is several orders of magnitude lower?

Viscosities of the lower crust in the weak zone are several orders of magnitude lowerthan the surrounding areas. 4 Listen Save sentence Show context Share Earth, Planets and Space The residual rate is several orders of magnitude lowerthan the initial rate (Techer et al. 2001).

How many orders of magnitude are in a number?

Order of magnitude is the quantity of powers of 10 that there are in a number, or the number of powers of 0.1 in a negative number. Order of magnitude is usually written as 10 to the n th power. The n represents the order of magnitude. If you raise a number by one order of magnitude, you are basically multiplying that number by 10.

How do you find an order of magnitude?

For a real number R, we can find the order of magnitude by writing it in this form: where 1 <= A < 10 and B is the order of magnitude (B is always a whole number, but it can be positive, negative, or zero). The number 400 has an order of magnitude 2.

What is an example of something that is several orders of magnitude faster?

ENIAC ran continuously (in part to extend tube life), generating 150 kilowatts of heat, and could execute up to 5,000 additions per second, several orders of magnitude faster than its electromechanical predecessors. Our algorithm runs several orders of magnitude faster. But it's still several orders of magnitude faster than doing it yourself.

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