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Frequently Asked Questions

What was a tribune in the Roman Empire?

Tribal Tribunes. The word tribune is derived from the Roman tribes. The three original tribes known as the Ramnes or Ramnenses, Tities or Titienses, and the Luceres, were each headed by a tribune, who represented each tribe in civil, religious, and military matters. Subsequently, each of the Servian tribes was also represented by a tribune.

What is a tribune in the Roman army?

A military tribune (Latin tribunus militum, "tribune of the soldiers", Greek chiliarchos, χιλίαρχος) was an officer of the Roman army who ranked below the legate and above the centurion. Young men of Equestrian rank often served as military tribune as a stepping stone to the Senate.

What is a plebeian tribune?

Definition. The Plebeian Tribune is also known as the tribune of the people or the tribune of the plebs. The plebeian tribune had no military function but was strictly a powerful political office. The tribune had the power to help the people, a function called ius auxilii. The body of the plebeian was sacrosanct.

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