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Frequently Asked Questions

Can transactional replication be replaced with log shipping?

But if your subscribers are read only to start with then transactional replication can be replaced out of the box with log shipping, at the cost of a slight delay in updates and having to disconnect readers on the stand-by sites every time a log is being applied (usually this is nowhere near as bad as it sounds).

What does the log reader agent do during transactional replication?

During transactional replication the Log Reader Agent monitors the transaction log of the database replicated and copies the transactions marked for replication into the distribution database (a database created when replication is configured).

Does log shipping guarantee against data loss?

Log shipping does not guarantee against data loss. A failure on the primary database can result in the loss of data that has not yet been backed up or for backups that are lost during the failure. Log Shipping with Transactional Replication

How does transactional replication work in Salesforce?

"Transactional replication typically starts with a snapshot of the publication database objects and data. As soon as the initial snapshot is taken, subsequent data changes and schema modifications made at the Publisher are usually delivered to the Subscriber as they occur (in near real time). The data changes are applied to the Subscriber in the...

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