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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a trace look like?

trace may suggest any line, mark, or discernible effect. vestige applies to a tangible reminder such as a fragment or remnant of what is past and gone. track implies a continuous line that can be followed. Verb The children traced their hands onto the sidewalk with chalk.

What are some common uses for a trace?

As long as you are simulating a game, Trace can be used. Coaches and teams use Trace for scrimmages at practice, for ID Camps, and more. What you need is to have two halves (can be between 25 – 45 mins) and to switch sides at halftime. That’s it.

What is the purpose of TRACES?

The Trade Control and Expert System ( TRACES ), is a web-based veterinarian certification tool used by the European Union for controlling the import and export of live animals and animal products within and without its borders. Its network falls under the responsibility of the European Commission.

What is the definition of a trace?

Trace , the broader term, denotes any mark or slight indication of something past or present: a trace of ammonia in water. Vestige is more limited and refers to some slight, though actual, remains of something that no longer exists: vestiges of one's former wealth.

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