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Frequently Asked Questions

How many towns/villages start with the letter R?

Our database currently has a total of 1,106 Towns/Villages in England, which start with the letter R. For a list of Towns/Villages in England broken down by county, go to our Towns in England page.

What countries start with R?

Cities Starting with R City Population Country Rio de Janeiro 6,023,699 Brazil Riyadh 4,205,961 Saudi Arabia Rome 2,318,895 Italy Rawalpindi 1,743,101 Pakistan 73 more rows ...

What cities start with RI?

Cities that start with ri 1 richmond 2 richmond hill 3 riga 4 rijeka 5 rimini 6 rio branco 7 rio claro 8 rio cuarto 9 rio de janeiro 10 rio grande More items...

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