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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tissuelyser II?

The TissueLyser II is an integral part of QIAGEN's complete solution for sample management — from sample collection to purification and analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein. The TissueLyser II complements QIAGEN automation for high-throughput sample preparation and analysis (see table "QIAGEN high-throughput automation"), such as the QIAsymphony SP.

How many types of tissues are there?

There are two types of tissues, first is plant tissue and the second one is animal tissue. Learn about different types of tissues and their types like epithelial tissue, connective tissue and muscular tissue. Visit the below download link to get free NCERT Exemplar for Science Class 9 Chapter 6 Tissues.

Which of the following is a complex tissue?

A complex tissue is the one which has more than one type of cells having a common origin which coordinates to perform a common function. Xylem and phloem are made of different types of cells hence they are called complex tissues.

What is QIAGEN tissueruptor II?

QIAGEN also provides RNA later RNA Stabilization Reagent (to stabilize RNA) and Allprotect Tissue Reagent (to stabilize DNA, RNA and protein). Tissues collected in these reagents can also be easily disrupted with the TissueRuptor II. The TissueRuptor II is a portable device with a TissueRuptor Disposable Probe.

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