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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tissues class 9 notes?

Part of the tissues class 9 notes, these tissues are made up of dead cells and perform roles such as giving structural strength to the plant. These tissues do not divide and form more cells as meristematic tissues do. In the chapter tissues class 9 notes, majorly, we will discuss two types of permanent tissues, i.e, Simple and Complex.

What are tissue?

The cells that have the same structure, features and perform the same functions form a particular type of tissue. Let us start with the chapter where we will learn all about it. The cells which are specialized in a function are grouped together and form a particular type of tissue.

What is complex permanent tissue made of?

Complex permanent tissue These tissues are composed of cells which are structurally and functionally similar. Thus, these tissues are all made of one type of cells. Parenchyma

What type of tissues are found in plants and animals?

Muscles, organs and blood are all tissues formed by the grouping of cells. The cells of a single tissue have the same structure and perform a common function. We will look at the distinct type of tissues present in the plant and animal body in the tissues class 9 notes. Plant tissues are generally non-moving tissues.

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