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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate tire height?

You can determine the overall height of the tire, from the road surface to the tread on top of the tire, by multiplying the section height by two, and adding the rim size: 3.54 x 2 = 7.08 + 16 (remember that the two numbers following the letter R tell you the rim size. A tire marked "P 225/40 R16 91S" uses 16 inch rims) = 23.08 inches.

What size tires would be considered 35'S?

So the 315/70/17 is usually the accepted metric size for 35” tires, even though the physical diameter of the tire can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Two different 35” tire brands can easily vary in true diameter.

What size tires fit 17x8?

The fronts are 17x8 with 4.75" back space and 235/45-17 tires. The rears are 17x8 with 4" BS and 255/45-17 tires. The rears could go wider with more backspacing and the fronts are just about right.

How tall is a 285 tire?

What does the 285 mean in tire size? This represents the treadwidth of the tire. The tread is 285mm wide, or 32.587 inches wide. What does the 65 mean in tire size? This represents the sidewall height of the tire, as a percentage of the width. The sidewall height is 65% of 285mm, or 185.25mm, which is 7.293 inches.

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