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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours before I can book A Tatkal ticket?

Yes you can book Tatkal tickets 24 hours prior from time of departure of that particular train from Source. Please understand carefully to above sentence specially the boldened words. 513 views View upvotes View shares Sponsored by YieldStreet 5 ways to build wealth outside the stock market.

When can we book A Tatkal ticket?

Tatkal tickets are bought one day before the start of train at 10 AM for AC coaches and 11 AM for non ac coaches. You need to stand at the long distance ticket counter at your station or book your ticket via a already logged in account from website or App.

Which ticket is better, RAC or Tatkal?

RAC tickets get more preference than TATKAL WAIT LISTED tickets. So RAC ticket will be confirmed first over Tatkal waitlist ticket. One can cancel tatkal waitlist ticket until it is in WATING LIST status. Confirmed Tatkal ticket cannot be canceled. 1.7K views Prakash Prakee , Belongs to railway family and a fan of it Answered 5 years ago

How many days before Tatkal booking starts?

Tatkal Booking starts one day in advance (reduced from 2 days) excluding the day of journey e.g. for a journey on 3rd, bookings would open at 10 am on 2nd; however, the day of journey is defined as the day of chart preparation.

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