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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data timeliness?

In relation to data quality content, timeliness has been defined as the degree to which data represent reality from the required point in time ( English, 1999 ). With regard to processing, timeliness (also referred to as latency) is associated with data availability, the degree to which customers have the data they need at the right time.

How to create timeliness of research?

It is shown that in order to create timeliness of research, policy makers and researchers should talk on a regular basis. This increases the chance that results from the research are included in policy making. Timeliness of research is important for evidence-based policy making.

Why is timeliness of research important in evidence-based policy making?

In order to support evidence-based policy making, timeliness of research is important. Examples are provided, e.g. where research was on time to be included in the policy process and where research was too late to be included in it. These examples are described and analysed to provide for recommendations on how to better align both processes.

Why do data scientists need to think about timeliness?

Data scientists in all lines of work need to think about the timeliness of the data they're working with. If they don't, their companies may end up making foolish decisions.

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