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Frequently Asked Questions

What are timelines in terms of?

Timelines can be expressed in terms of A. Years. B. Months. C. Days. D. Any of the above D. Any of the above A diagram for visualising future cash flows is known as A. A future value vector. B. A cash flow chart.

Why are timelines important in history?

Timelines have been an effective tool in recording history and learning from the past to determine the effect of past events on the present and the future. Man has chronicled events and written memoirs to record history since time immemorial.

What is the timescale of a timeline?

This timescale is dependent on the events in the timeline. A timeline of evolution can be over millions of years, whereas a timeline for the day of the September 11 attacks can take place over minutes, and that of an explosion over milliseconds. [2]

Why do ells use timelines?

Because numerical markers such as hours, years, days or months are placed apart with plenty of space in between, timelines can appear visually less complex than pure text, helping ELLs more easily relate events to their corresponding times.

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