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Frequently Asked Questions

Is against the ice based on a true story?

Against the Ice is a 2022 historical survival film directed by Peter Flinth and written by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Derrick, based on the true story recounted in Two Against the Ice by Ejnar Mikkelsen. It stars Coster-Waldau, Joe Cole, Charles Dance, and Heida Reed. The film was shot in Iceland and Greenland.

Where was against the Ice filmed?

Against the Ice was a co-production between RVK Studios and Ill Kippers. It was directed by Danish director Peter Flinth, who worked with producer Baltasar Kormákur and cinematographer Torben Forsberg to shoot the film on location in Iceland and Greenland whilst using minimal green screens.

When is against the ice on Netflix?

Against the Ice premiered at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival on February 15, 2022. [1] It was released on Netflix on March 2, 2022, and received mixed reviews from critics.

What is the most remarkable thing about against the ice?

The Hollywood Reporter ' s David Rooney writes, "In the end, the most remarkable thing about Against the Ice is that a real-life story of two men at the mercy of the unforgiving elements, of hunger and illness, possible attack and encroaching madness, can be so curiously deprived of tension."

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