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Frequently Asked Questions

How well did The Last Kingdom season 4 do?

Although Season 4 had somewhat of a peaceful ending, Season 5 indicates that the truce between the Danes and the Saxons won’t hold up for long. Since Brida is still furious with Uthred and the Saxons, she is once again filled with the urge to fight back and hurt Uthred the same way he hurt her by coming after his bloodline.

Who is the new king in The Last Kingdom season 4?

In the wake of his father's death the new King, Edward, is intent on isolating Wessex and strengthening his reinforcements against possible Dane incursions. And alliances are beginning to fracture as Lord Aethelred of Mercia makes ambitious plans to establish himself as a rival to Wessex.

What are Lord Aethelred's plans in The Last Kingdom season 4?

Season 4 also saw the death of Aethelred (Toby Regbo), the lord of Mercia, when he was betrayed and killed by Eardwulf (Jamie Blackley) at the Battle of Tettenhall. Eardwulf had plans to take the throne of Mercian for himself by marrying Aethelred’s daughter, Aelfwynn, (Helena Albright).

Who is in the cast of season 4 of The Last Kingdom?

Season 4 begins with Uthred finding out that Leofric’s ( Adrien Bower) power over Bebbanbrug is limited due to multiple Scot attacks. Recognizing that this is the perfect opportunity to reclaim the land that is his birthright, Uthred goes to Wessex and requests that King Edward ( Timothy Innes) help him on his mission.

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