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Frequently Asked Questions

When did comic books become popular?

When Did Comics Become Popular? From 1938 to the mid-1940s, comic book popularity reached its peak. In the early 1940s, Superman, Batman, and Captain Marvel titles each regularly sold in the range of one million copies. A month’s worth of copies is distributed each month.

When was the first comic made?

Today the earliest known comic book is called The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck. Originally published in several languages in Europe in 1837, among them an English version designed for Britain in 1941. A year later it was that version reprinted in New York on Sept. 14, 1842 for Americans, making it the first comic book printed in America.

What was Stan Lee's first comic book?

See, Jim Steranko credits the Black Marvel to Stan Lee and Bob Hughes, but Greg Theakston says that Lee's first comic book story was in Captain America Comics #3, cover-dated May 1941. The cover date for Mystic Comics #5, the first appearance of the Black Marvel, was March 1941.

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