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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an instantiation in C++?

Thank you. When a function template is first called for each type, the compiler creates an instantiation. Each instantiation is a version of the templated function specialized for the type. This instantiation will be called every time the function is used for the type.

What is an example of template instantiation?

6.3 Template Instantiation Template instantiationinvolves generating a concrete class or function (instance) for a particular combination of template arguments. For example, the compiler generates a class for Array<int>and a different class for Array<double>.

How do I explicitly instantiate a template in C++?

C++ provides a facility to explicitly instantiate templates, as seen in the following examples. Explicit Instantiation of Template Functions To instantiate a template function explicitly, follow the templatekeyword by a declaration (not definition) for the function, with the function identifier followed by the template arguments.

How many template specialization and instantiation does C++ have?

c++ template class member function specialization 9 Template specialization and instantiation 1 Member class instantiation 3 Template class member function instatitation 0 Explicit instantiation of class template not instantiating constructor

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