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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Telugu calendar 2017?

For those who are planning to go on vacations in 2017, Telugu Calendar is ready for you all. Enjoy the season of festivals with your family. The Telugu Calendar 2017 is designed on the basis of Telugu Panchangam . This calendar is for the entire Telugu community and for others too. So plan your holidays according to the Telugu Calendar 2017.

What system does the Telugu calendar follow?

Telugu calendar is the traditional lunisolar calendar popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Telugu calendar year starts with Chaitram month 3 ( chaitraadi) and follows the amanta system where months are calculated from amavasya (new moon) to amavasya. Salivahana Saka Era is used for identifying the year number.

When does pushyam 2022 start in Telugu?

Telugu month Pushyam 2022 starts on December 24. D - Durmuhurtham, V - Varjyam, S - Sukla Paksham, K - Krishna Paksham, ND - Next Day, M - Morning, A - After Noon, E - Evening, N - Night December, 2022 durmuhurtham, rahu kalam and sunrise/sunset timing. To get exact timing of these for your location, go to Telugu Panchangam December, 2022.

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