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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quiz maker for teachers?

Teacher tools for creating quizzes or polls. 1 1. ProProfs Quiz Maker. The first in my list is ProProfs Quiz Maker. It is super easy to design interactive and engaging quizzes, online tests, and ... 2 2. iSpring Quizmaker. 3 3. Survey Anyplace. 4 4. Online Quiz Creator. 5 5. Playbuzz. More items

What is a Quizlet for teachers?

Quizlet for Teachers Engage your students in and out of the classroom, with interactive study material, learning activities and games. For teachers, the start of the school year is the perfect time to set up Quizlet classes. While folders are great for personal organization, classes… READ MORE

How can I make a quiz for my students?

Run it as an app or on any web browser Learningpod is an online quiz bank with 48,000+ questions from trusted names like Kaplan. Teachers can remix, assign, and even print quizzes for their students. Google Forms - the quizzes can even be self-grading by adding in the proper "if statements" in the underlying spreadsheet.

How to improve the appeal of quiz questions for students?

To enhance the appeal of quiz questions for the students, you can add images, videos and more. With their free mobile app, teachers are able to conduct comprehensive assessments and get insightful reports wherever the student wants. To help them with the quizzes, you can allow multiple attempts.

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