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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tax exemptions for a child with autism?

Tax filers can claim one personal exemption for each person in a household. As of 2011, each personal exemption acts as a tax deduction equal to $3,650 per year, according to the WorldWideWeb Tax reference site. As such, a child with autism qualifies as a dependent exemption within any given tax year.

Are there any tax forms for persons with disabilities?

This page contains a collection of IRS tax forms and publications that provide information of interest to persons with disabilities. Note: Links to the various formats will be added to this page as the products become available. Click to view Tax Publications in e-pub format.

Can I claim a child with autism as a dependent?

This enables parents to still meet the financial support requirement when claiming a child as a dependent. Caring for children with autism sometimes requires a long-term financial commitment on the part of parents or guardians.

Who qualifies for the child tax credit?

Almost all families will now qualify, as this credit does not begin to phase out until AGI exceeds $400,000 for a married couple and $200,000 for all others. For the purpose of this credit, the age limit for a qualifying child is under age 17 at the end of the tax year. 4. New Dependent Credit There is a new $500 credit for dependents over age 17.

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