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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tarot cards?

Top 10 Tarot Cards to Put You on the Right Path The Chariot. This may seem obvious, but The Chariot marks success and movement towards a particular goal. ... King of Wands. Another self-assurance card, the King of Wands shows you will continue to follow your passions. ... Queen of Wands. ... Six of Swords. ... Judgement. ... Ten of Cups. ... The Emperor. ... Eight of Pentacles. ... Justice. ... The Star. ...

What do I do with my tarot cards?

Develop your intuition. The reason you can develop your intuition with the Tarot cards is that they speak to us in symbols and archetypes, the language of the psyche. ... Vibrational medicine. ... Play card games. ... Magic & Manifestation. ... Tarot chakra meditations. ... Cast a circle. ... Creative writing. ...

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