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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for happenstance?

Synonyms for happenstance include accident, chance, coincidence, fate, fluke, happenchance, incident, luck, hazard and fortune. Find more similar words at!

What is the difference between happenstance and circumstance?

Happenstance is a combination of the words, happen and circumstance. Whereas circumstances are the conditions that surround an event, happenstance is the event itself. If you have no food at home so you go out to eat and sit next to a charming person who you end up marrying, your meeting was happenstance and your being hungry...

What does it mean when someone comes together by happenstance?

: a circumstance especially that is due to chance They came together by mere happenstance. Our meeting was pure happenstance. We met each other by happenstance. It was an agreeable happenstance that we met. Recent Examples on the Web Others, like YouTube’s co-founder Steve Chen, by happenstance arrived just before the pandemic and rode it out here.

Is it happenstance or organized action?

It could be happenstance, or there could be other factors at work. Sometimes, happenstance, rather than organized action, forces a candidate's hand. He's said way too many things that are strongly suggestive of something controversial to dismiss all of it as happenstance. The timing of all this does not appear to be happenstance.

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