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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tietze syndrome?

Tietze syndrome is a painful inflammation in the cartilage where your ribs attach to your breastbone (sternum). You might see it referred to as Tietze’s syndrome or costochondral junction syndrome. These names all refer to the same condition. Cartilage is a strong, flexible connective tissue that protects your joints and bones.

Is surgery necessary for Tietze syndrome?

In extreme cases where conservative therapies don’t help reduce the pain and swelling, surgery may be needed to remove extra cartilage from the affected ribs. Tietze syndrome is a rare, benign condition that involves a painful swelling and tenderness of the cartilage around one or more of your upper ribs where they attach to your breastbone.

Does Tietze syndrome go away?

The symptoms of Tietze syndrome usually aren't serious and often will go away with no treatment. Sometimes just hearing from your doctor that it’s Tietze syndrome and not a heart attack can reassure you enough to deal with the pain until it goes away on its own. Other treatments can help ease the pain and swelling.

How does Tietze syndrome differ from costochondritis?

This same study found a higher proportion of women develop Tietze syndrome, but other studies have found that Tietze syndrome affects both women and men equally. How does Tietze syndrome differ from costochondritis? Tietze syndrome and costochondritis both cause chest pain around the ribs, but there are important differences:

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