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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Syndic?

Definition of syndic. 1 : a municipal magistrate in some countries. 2 : an agent of a university or corporation.

What is a syndic de copropriété?

In some countries, notably France and Belgium, a syndic de copropriété (Dutch syndicus) is an important figure in millions of lives, elected by owners of condominiums to represent property owners in the management of the co-owned building or property. While the profession is regulated, fees are not, and complaints of overcharging are frequent.

Can a syndic be reelected?

Municipal presidents, aldermen (regidores), and syndics (síndicos), chosen by direct popular election, may not be reelected for the term immediately following. He left to the Fitzwilliam Museum, of which he had been a syndic from 1934 to 1957, twenty-four works by Degas.

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