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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a style guide for TypeScript?

Submitting Changes TypeScript style guide This is the style guide for the TypeScript language that was based on the one that is provided by Google. It contains both rules and best practices. Choose those that work best for your team. If you have a suggestion on how to improve this style guide please check the Changing the style guidebelow.

How to import CSS files into typescript?

You cannot directly import CSS or any other static files into typescript using only the typescript compiler, but you can with the help of some build tools...

Is there a better way to import styles in styled-JSX?

There’s a nice VSCode plugin to get better tooling for styles in styled-jsx With webpack, you want to import style files in your JavaScript, to make sure you don’t have any extra style files you might not need. You still write regular CSS or Sass.

What are global styles in HTML?

Global styles are styles that are used by all elements in a page. In global.ts, we import createGlobalStyle and create the global styles. Your global.ts file should look like this: These styles ensure that there is no margin or padding on the page, except in places where they are explicitly stated.

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