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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase more keys for strokescribe?

More keys ($1 per key) can be purchased from the Developer zone. Developer license holder can access the Developer zone and use our setup script examples for Inno Setup and MSI to build custom installers and activate our Software in unattended mode. Demo version: A "StrokeScribe Free" logo will present on each 1-D barcode (excluding postal codes).

What is the cost of the strokescribe license?

We reserve the right to answer on your request in 5 business days. Lifetime license: The major version license (i.e. StrokeScribe V5.x.x.x) is permanent (one-time purchase for long-term use). No monthly or annual fees.

Does strokescribe add free text to 2D barcodes?

A StrokeScribe free text will be added to the end of data encoded in 2D barcode if more than 14 bytes are encoded. The exceptions are: http://, file://, ftp://, mailto: URLs (up to 40 bytes) without a free text being added after them.

How do I Activate my license key?

Open the email message containing your licensing information and copy your license key; Paste the license key on the User Information page of the setup wizard as shown on the picture below; Press the Next button several times to complete the wizard. If you have any problems with activation, please read the activation FAQ.

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