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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strokescribe barcode add-in?

This add-in simplifies the process of barcode placement in Microsoft Office programs. It adds the new StrokeScribe tab into Office Ribbon which allows to insert barcodes of most popular types in one click. Microsoft Access users may add StrokeScribe barcode control into their reports using Design -> Controls -> ActiveX as described here.

What are the features of strokescribe?

It features include integration with Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, Access and CAD software support: AutoCAD 2010. Version 4.2.4 fixes for StrokeScribe installation on Windows 2000.

Who is the developer of strokescribe?

The actual developer of the software is StrokeScribe lies within Office Tools, more precisely Document management. This program is designed for manual and automatic control of multiple barcode parameters, including label font size and family, barcode rotation angle and quiet zone size.

How to enable the strokescribe add-in in Microsoft Office 365?

In the Options dialog, select Add-ins. Check the StrokeScribe add-in is displayed in the Active Application Add-ins section as shown below: 3. Go go the COM Add-ins dialog. Check the StrokeScribe Add-in is enabled: 4. Go go the Trust Center tab:

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