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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to STEMScopes?

The ALI website login function has been removed. To access STEMscopes, please use the unique district URL that is assigned to your organization to log in. If you are a student, ask your teacher for your unique District URL.

What is STEMScopes math?

Built from the ground up by practicing educators using the flexible 5E lesson model, STEMscopes Math provides you with everything you need to create a meaningful learning experience that empowers your students with 21st‑century skills to succeed in future STEM careers. Our products are customized to meet the needs of educators in your area.

What is learning list's independent review of STEMScopes math Texas?

Learning List’s independent review of STEMscopes Math Texas includes a review of the material’s instructional quality, a standard-by-standard review of the material’s TEKS alignment, and a review of its technology compatibility and support for remote learning... See All News...

Does STEMScopes integrate with Google Classroom?

STEMscopes now integrates with Google Classroom to make grading, assigning, and student interaction a cinch! With just a few clicks, create a free Google Classroom account, connect STEMscopes resources to it, and get straight to assigning content to all your students. With our nightly synchronization, your data stays up-to-date and secure.

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