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Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEMScopes and how does it work?

What is STEMScopes? It is an online resource that houses a digital textbook called STEMScopedia along with learning activities for students which are organized by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in Science (state standards). How do I access STEMScopes?

How can I take my students on a stem adventure?

Take your students on an adventure by supplementing your instruction with free resources from The SERC. Educators can find materials that support lessons and activities in STEMscopes, a curriculum aligned with NGSS standards. Life Science Engineering, Technology & the Application of Science

Where can I find the stemscopedia?

The STEMScopedia is the "textbook" Currently, it is available by clicking the STEMScopedia button. Students may select the appropriate grade level from the pull-down menu

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