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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to STEMScopes?

The ALI website login function has been removed. To access STEMscopes, please use the unique district URL that is assigned to your organization to log in. If you are a student, ask your teacher for your unique District URL. If you are a district staff member and do not know your unique District URL, you may submit a support request at Contact Us .

What is STEMScopes?

STEMscopes provides collaborative tools for delivering rich learning experiences that captivate and encourage students in today’s opportunity-rich educational environment. The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot for students across the country.

What is a streamlined integration of STEMScopes?

In one streamlined integration, we make online learning easy to access, simple to manage, and successful for your district’s administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Get all your instructional resources in one place—there’s no need to log in anywhere else to connect STEMscopes resources to your lesson plans and more.

What are the STEMScopes Awards of Excellence?

The STEMscopes suite was honored in the Primary Education category, and STEMscopes Science was chosen in the Secondary Education category. The Awards of Excellence: Best of 2021 contest recognizes educational technology that exceptionally supported teachers and students last year.

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