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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we collect stem cells?

You will sit in a comfortable chair or bed.A needle connected to thin, flexible tubing will be inserted into a vein in each of your arms.Blood will be withdrawn from one arm and passed through a machine that separates out the stem cells.More items...

How to promote stem cell growth naturally?

How to Promote Stem Cell Growth NaturallyMel Gibson Stem Cells. Maybe you’ve heard recently in the news how Mel Gibbson took his dad to stem cell therapy. ...#1 Vitamin B3 Stem Cells. ...#2 Boost Your NAD+ Levels. ...#4 Eat Turmeric. ...#5 Eat More Herbs. ...#6 Take Spirulina and Algae Supplements. ...Boost Your Stem Cells. ...References. ...

What is the state of current stem cell research?

Stem cell research is legal in the United States, however, there are restrictions on its funding and use. Currently, the only stem cells now used to treat disease are from blood cell-forming adult stem cells found in bone marrow.

Should stem cell research be illegal?

Yes, stem cell research should remain legal and become government-funded. Honestly, the entire argument against stem cell research is null and void. It rests upon the belief that it is immoral, as it involves the destruction of human embryos.

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