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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the CD rates for State Farm Bank?

State Farm Bank, offers 0.500% APY on 24-month term certificates of deposit for a minimum deposit amount of $500. The interest is compounded on a daily basis. The bank offers CDs of multiple terms ranging from 3 months to 60 months. The CDs are renewed automatically upon maturity … [Read more...] Home / Archives for Bank Rates / Best CD Rates

Is state Farm a good insurance company for You?

State Farm is a pretty good insurance company, scoring well in terms of customer service, coverage options and claims processing. State Farm also offers generous discounts for auto insurance policies, as well as discounts for bundling multiple insurance plans.

Does state Farm offer second home insurance?

No matter what the policy, you should expect to pay more for a seasonal home insurance policy than your primary home. Nationwide applies a 20 percent increase for second homes, but State Farm only ups premiums by 10 percent.

Does state Farm offer catastrophic insurance?

Student select coverage is a basic health insurance plan that covers typical emergencies and preventative care at an affordable rate for students. Lastly, State Farm also offers a supplemental medical plan. Supplemental medical is insurance that covers catastrophic events.

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