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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a claim with State Farm?

To file your claim with State Farm, call the phone number on the at-fault driver’s insurance card. This will generally connect you to the specific agent in charge of the driver’s policy. If you do not have this number, dial 1-800-SF-CLAIM (732-5246) to file a claim. You can call this number 24/7 to report an auto accident.

How do I view my claims with State Farm?

You can call up a State Farm representative and speak with them personally, just make sure that you have your account information and the claim number if available to help speed up the process. Alternatively, you can check the status of your claim online by logging in to your State Farm account.

What services does State Farm provide for claims?

The hubs house our Initial Loss Reporting (ILR), Auto Express Claims, along with other Claims functions such as Auto Estimatics and Life/Health Claims. These roles are demanding, yet rewarding. They require strong computer and people skills as well as schedule flexibility. Licensing is required for some positions.

What is the phone number for State Farm claims?

To reach State Farm’s claims department simply dial 1-800-732-5246. Save the number in your phone’s contacts to access it easily for tracking the status of your claim or should the need arise to file a future claim. An alternatively easier way to remember the phone number instead of memorizing all those digits is 1-800-SF-CLAIM.

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